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Microcurrent Facial

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Mircrocurrent is hands down the best non-invasive treatment to get a natural face lift!


Microcurrent is a modality that works to help re-educate the facial muscles. The electrical stimulation will be able to hold the skin tight where is needed or relaxed where it is needed.


The treatment uses a lower level of electrical current stimulated ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) which is energy inside our cells. When you receive microcurrent you can see instant results in just one treatment.

*always recommended a series of treatments for optimal results*


See below for the recommended treatments based on your age:

25-35 years old: 

4 to 6 basic treatments

1x week 

Maintenance 6-8 weeks.

35-45 years old: 

6 to 10 basic treatments

2x week for 2 weeks

Maintenance 5-7 weeks.

45-60 years old: 

10-15 basic treatments

2x weeks for 4 weeks

Maintenance 4- 6 weeks

60+ years old: 

15 basic treatment

2x week every week

Maintenance every 4 weeks


WARNING: If you have any these conditions; Pregnancy, Pacemaker, Thrombosis, Epilepsy, Phlebitis or Cancer you should be NOT receive this treatment.

Pricing: $110 per treatment or 

6 treatments for $600


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