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The Brio Med Formula Transformation:


1. Out with the old…

    *The Brio Med Formula system penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin called the             dermis, to correct signs of aging.

    *Old, dead skin cells are replaced with fresh new cells 

    *Reactions such as dryness and peeling indicate that your treatment protocol is working       by the end of this phase, 

    which typically lasts six weeks depending on your skin condition, you will notice a             visible improvement. Shortly thereafter the peeling tapers as new skin surfaces.    

2. In with the new…

    *Your skin begins producing normal, healthy cells.

    *Healthy new cells are pushed to the surface faster.

    *Pigment cells are distributing melanin more evenly.

    *Collagen and elastin production is stimulated.

    *Your skin begins to tolerate the treatment and reactions subside (6-10 weeks)

    At the end of this phase, you will notice a significant improvement in the look and feel        of your skin. Make sure you attend your six week follow up for a photo with 

    our Esthetician. 


3. Healthy glow…

    *All skin cells are in the process of transformation

    *All layers of the skin receive an increased supply of nutrients and blood flow

    *Healthy strong collagen and elastin production continues

    *Skin is smooth, naturally hydrated, evenly colored and more resilient 

    Your skin is looking and acting younger, healthier and noticeably more firm. The                 transformation continues to improve your skin.


What are the effects of aging and photo-damaging on you skin?


As your skin ages, the turnover of the skin cells slows down significantly, throwing off the balance between the growth of healthy 

new skin cells and the sloughing off of old damaged skin cells. Collagen and elastin begin to slowly break down, causing the skin

to lose its resilience, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Daily exposure to UV light accelerates this aging process and 

causes uneven pigmentation. 


Why does The Brio Med Formula transform your skin?


The Brio Med Formula system penetrates below you skin’s surface, transforming skin cell functions at the cellular level and correcting

the damage within your skin. Using a prescribed specific sequence of dosage and frequency that’s right for your skin condition, the 

prescription-based system triggers a therapeutic cascade that makes your skin look and act younger and healthier.


Why is The Brio Med Formula system better than other products?


Regardless of the skin type and condition, The Brio Med Formula system has demonstrated superior results time and rime again.

In a recent clinical study involving 301 patients, the Brio Med Formula system was proven to be 2-3 times more effective than the other 

commonly prescribed skin care treatments. Seeing results is believing!

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